70:20:10 Team Coaching™ high level hands-on performance coaching for you and your team!

With Heather Rutherford

6-12 month personalised performance coaching program specifically designed for HR/L&D internal teams 

The 70:20:10 Team Coaching™ program is an elite fast track program to help HR & People Performance teams get through the roadblocks and internal blockers that are preventing you achieving results sooner.  Our most successful clients use our proven coaching program to deliver at the highest level.


Our Starter Kit has everything you need to know about how the 70:20:10 Team Coaching™ program works and how it could work for you and your teams.

"It's standard, it's common that executives in organization expect learning and HR practitioners to deliver on performance metrics. Now I know a lot of people who are really challenged by this... especially when you have multiple teams under you that need to deliver on strategic objectives.  So how are you defining strategic objectives with performance metrics - and how are your teams doing that? If you’re like the teams that I've seen, they can't do it. They're really struggling. So how do you deliver results that matter? Well, we've developed Team Coaching to help you do it... to support you and your team to effectively scope projects, to define performance metrics, and then to support them - virtually - to deliver on those projects.  If you'd like to learn how team coaching works, and can work for you and your organization, book a call with me and let's talk".

Facilitated by Heather Rutherford

Focussed on solving your biggest performance challenges

Given the pace of change and complexity of leading a high-performance team, now more than ever you need tools that support this critical function in your business.  The coaching process helps you deliver results faster, with far less stress and fewer resources, enabling your team to focus of effective experience design, performance support, delivering information, resources and experiences in the flow of work and at the pace of change… that is the 70:20:10 Team Coaching™ difference.

Who's involved?

  • The 70:20:10 Team Coaching™ program provides a logical and proven system that enables HR/People Performance practitioners to expand their work focus beyond formal training solutions as a fix for performance problems.  Participants develop critical modern and in demand performance analysis and 70:20:10 experience design skills that deliver results where they're needed most - on the job.  

  • A virtual 6-12 month program delivered via your preferred video or conference platform.

How does it work? 

  • After the Deep Dive Discovery session, we work with one Senior Primary Contact from your organization who will Sponsor a specific number of 70:20:10 project team leads.  Then, we directly coach each Project Lead as they define their project metrics, scope and deliver on their project outcomes. 

  • Your teams can develop completely separate projects with 70:20:10 Team Coaching, so your entire function can fast-track experience design and the application of performance consulting -- across the board -- working alongside each other sharing strategies, learning and delivering impact more efficiently than any other way.  

"The program has helped us transition from an approach to learning and development that was very traditional, rigid and classroom based, to a modern, inclusive and flexible model".



Lorna Forman



"Having our key managers participate means performance and staff capability is informed by 70:20:10 principles. Kylie's project was of critical importance to our organization with lasting positive financial impacts".

Louise Turnbull



"Was very insightful to focus in on what the problem is we're trying to solve and why. Has helped me to refocus... Thanks for great discussion throughout the week, I've learnt a lot!".



Debbie Laarkamp