The 70:20:10 Blueprint eCourse

Unlock Superior 70:20:10 Results in Your Organization

After countless requests, we created this online course to take the guesswork out of creating 70:20:10 strategies and solutions that will deliver results.  


This Blueprint gives you a 10 Point Approach to ensuring your 70:20:10 efforts are sustainable, strategic and successful. Get the course today!

  • No More Confusion​

    This course gives you the proven guidance, a 70:20:10 case study and practical tools that you can use to identify what you need to focus on, what's missing and what's the right next step for you... so you can move forward with your 70:20:10 planning, with full confidence.

  • Skip Unnecessary Steps​

    The 70:20:10 Blueprint will show you how to kickstart and extend your 70:20:10 efforts, as well as how to avoid the most common mistakes that Learning/HR practitioners make that result in unsuccessful efforts that don't gain altitude.

  • 70:20:10 Case Study

    See how one organization has successfully used the 70:20:10 Blueprint - delivering their organization big wins and positive ROI.  We know what works and this course saves you countless hours of guesswork. Just use the 70:20:10 Blueprint and see for yourself!

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