International 70:20:10
Case Studies

Get these 4 powerful video case studies on How to Successfully Implement 70:20:10. Presented by the practitioners who developed each of the solutions.​

  • Each presenter shares their specific solution, their roadmap to success, their challenges, blockers and how they’ve overcome them. They also share their lessons learned, their insights, key takeaways and what they’re going to focus on next.

What's in Each Case Study?

  • How 'Knowledge Shots' Are Making Work Easier

    A SOCIAL LEARNING solution that was led by engineers who created and now maintain a collaboration and knowledge sharing hub that’s fuelling consistency and improving efficiencies in powerful ways.

  • Designing A Program That Truly Engages via 70:20:10

    One practitioner shares exactly how they deconstructed and redesigned an executive capability and development program into a 70:20:10 program, focussing on key stakeholder engagement and governance.

  • Agilent Technologies' Journey to 70:20:10

    The 70:20:10 JOURNEY of an organization who shares their strategic context, philosophy, principles and what shaped their approach to learning and how they then harnessed the 70:20:10 framework.

  • Case Study: Training with No Content

    An Experiential & Social Learning solution about the creation and deployment of innovative, on the job, 70 & 20 development guides for retail managers (that didn’t include the 10)!