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    The 70:20:10 Framework is a learning and development reference model which captures the three ways adults learn at work - through experience, socially and formally. 


    Learning and HR practitioners who implement the 70:20:10 framework do it to improve workforce performance faster than outdated formal training approaches, by focussing their efforts on improving how workers can learn informally, on-the-job (the 70 and 20) and through improved formal training methods (the 10).


    • The 70 - Experiential/Experience

      Learning and developing through day-today tasks, challenges and practice.

    • The 20 - Social/Exposure

      Learning and developing with and through others from coaching, exploiting personal networks and other collaborative and co-operative actions.

    • The 10 - Formal/Education

      Learning and developing through structured courses, reading and programs.

    The Origins of the 70:20:10 Framework


    In a survey by McCall, Lombardo and Eichinger at The Center For Creative Leadership, it was found that “Lessons learned by successful and effective managers are roughly: 70% from tough jobs, 20% from people (mostly the boss) and 10% from courses and reading.


    The 70:20:10 Framework is important in the world of workplace learning as many learning and development and training practitioners have primarily focussed on formal training methods (the 10) and left informal learning (experiential and social learning) to chance… so the framework sheds light on untapped potential to improve worker performance and achieve organizational success.

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    Experiential Learning Drives Higher Performance 

    Change and disruption! We live in times when you have to be constantly thinking about what's next, what's new and how do I adapt?

    We live in the age where information moves fast. The workforce is changing. It’s more digital, more global, diverse, automation-savvy and social media-proficient. At the same time, business expectations, needs and demands are evolving faster than ever before.

    While some view this as a challenge, it’s an opportunity to reimagine HR, talent, organizational practices and to create platforms, processes, and tools that will continue to evolve and sustain their value over time.

    To thrive you must organize around information flows. And when it comes to learning functions this means ditching hierarchy and embracing truly democratized learning technologies that put tools and knowledge -- experiential learning and performance support, directly into the flow of work.

    There's no room for bureaucracy. For successful teams it's about openness, candor, feedback and transparency. If you work around these tenets, you’ll thrive. 

    This is where 70:20:10LIVE lives.



    "The program has helped us transition from an approach to learning and development that was very traditional, rigid and classroom based, to a modern, inclusive and flexible model".

    Lorna Forman

    Head of Human Resources


    "Having our key managers participate means performance and staff capability is informed by 70:20:10 design principles. Kylie's project was of critical importance to our organization with lasting positive financial impacts".

    Louise Turnbull

    Manager, Workforce Capability




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