I'm Heather Rutherford

CEO & Founder of 70:20:10LIVE

Heather Rutherford is a leading 70:20:10 Expert, advisor coach and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia who created 3 successful international companies since the age of 28,  including working with one of the World’s best known Ivy League Universities and the leading Online Learning Resources platforms used by over 26 million.


As a trusted advisor, Heather helps organizations’ solve their biggest performance challenges, pains, dysfunctions and issues by identifying underlying, undiagnosed, ignored or misunderstood performance metrics -- and then helps craft and develop strategies that provide the highest leverage -- enabling them to lead their teams towards higher performance, dramatically contributing to the bottom line and achieving the ambitions of their strategic plan -- typically in 119 days or less.


Heather works almost exclusively with members of the Executive Leadership Suite with the budget and oversight of Human Resources/People teams (50-500+) who are responsible for envisioning and executing effective workforce strategies designed to transform and deliver higher performance -- where it matters.

Here are a Few Other People Who Booked a Call..

"Love your coaching Heather.  Love the challenging questions you ask".

Christina Scott

National Manager, Capability Excellence


"I can't thank you enough for today.  It has really helped me to reset with some clarity".

Lee Davey

Manager, Network Training


"The session helped my Sponsor and I zone in on what our real performance issue is".

Suzie Romanelli

Project Manager


A little bit about why we do what we do

Are you faced with the sorts of workplace challenges that formal training alone can't fix?  Relax, you're not alone, 80% of performance issues require a shift in thinking...

It's common for Senior Executives to be grappling with individual, team and functional workplace performance issues that they hoped formal training would fix. But many need to face the reality of both rapidly changing and often dysfunctional workplace that structured training alone simply can't fix. Human Resources challenges have grown in levels of complexity - the prevalence and new awareness of bullying and poor performance management... issues that affect productivity and growth such as the lack of creativity and innovation, growth mindset or practical business acumen, slow speed to competence, high error rates, high turnover, low engagement scores... the list goes on.  And the one uncomfortable and inconvenient truth these same Executives know too well is that their jobs are on the line (and also the jobs of hundreds and perhaps thousands of employees).  The work we help them to do isn't a "nice to have".  It's about practical everyday workplace learning strategies that transform performance, not temporary band aid style solutions. 

My Bio and Why We Can Help You

  • 26 Years Business Management

    With 26 years in the human performance business, Heather's experience spans product and solution creation, global marketing and distribution -- and importantly, implementation and engagement optimization.  Having this end to end exposure to the moving parts of hundreds of businesses and all the players in the supply chain, gives Heather valuable insights to help your business.

  • Over 470 Clients Around the World

    Globally Heather has worked directly with more than 400 organizations, in developing and deploying 70:20:10 human performance solutions.  Heather reaches over 12,500 thought leaders via her blogs and posts. Over 82,000 people have downloaded her 70:20:10 Toolkit or used her 70:20:10 Blueprint to fast track results. Each year she runs an exclusive ‘invite only’ 70:20:10 Performance Accelerator™ Bootcamp for high achievers and their teams.

  • Results Orientated Approach

    Using a performance focussed system, we equip and support our clients to navigate the increasingly blurred lines between traditional training approaches towards fresh, non-linear 70:20:10 solutions that can deliver real and significant higher performance in the flow of work using experiential learning and delivering positive R.O.I.  We help clients respond to the new demands on the HR & Learning function driven by forces that are continually and rapidly reshaping the business landscape.

Here's your chance to be a part of a likeminded community of 70:20:10 professionals