D³ - Deep Dive Discovery™ Review Your 70:20:10 Project Deliverables Before Investing Valuable Resources!

With Heather Rutherford

When Do You Push Forward And When Do You Course Correct?​

Prior to embarking on 70:20:10LIVE programs we offer clients an opportunity to revisit their goals, clarify strategic objectives, deliverables and performance metrics, expectations and assumptions with our 1:1 DEEP DIVE DISCOVERY process.


The DEEP DIVE process enables you to deeply explore your options before investing a lot of your organization's time, money, people and resources into your perceived performance improvement projects. We will help you better scope out your options and gain important clarity on the purpose, direction and focus of the scope of your project/s. By doing the DEEP DIVE up front, you can literally save tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars in wasted effort.


"Over the years. I've heard horror stories about the hundreds of thousands of dollars, time, money and resources wasted in failed human resources and learning projects that just didn't deliver. So maybe you've been part of a project or seen projects where the planning just wasn't done. Where people are under so much pressure that they really didn't look at root cause analysis, they really didn't do effective scoping. So the DEEP DIVE DISCOVER is the solution to that. It's the way to set you up - you and your team up - to effectively mitigate risks, address all of the challenges, get them out on the table before you start your work. So we look at the strategic objectives, we review those and we look at what's realistic. We look at the investments that you've already made. We look at the resources that you have available and we challenge you. We challenge you to explore new and innovative ways of solving your performance challenges. So the Deep Dive day is a really effective way to open the thinking and support you and up to eight of your sponsors, stakeholders, decision makers to roll up their sleeves and look at what it's going to take to deliver results and impact - success - with this strategic initiative. So to explore how we can help you with you Deep Dive Day, book a call and let's talk".

Your Best Starting Point...

Risk Mitigation, Success Metrics & Timeframes 

During the DEEP DIVE DISCOVERY session we'll work together with your key stakeholders to unearth potential risks and consider specific mitigation strategies.


Define Metrics & Outcomes

We'll help you to define critical performance metrics and outcomes that your teams will be delivering on through the Performance Accelerator™ or 70:20:10 Team Coaching™ programs.



We'll also define and agree the specific timeframes for the delivery of your teams' 70:20:10 project outcomes to set you up for success.

Who's involved?

  • Participants in the DEEP DIVE DISCOVERY session should be key stakeholders with decision making authority and accountability for the delivery of strategic objectives (and possibly their direct reports). Normally this includes VP/Director/Head of HR, OD, L&D and others who have a stake in the outcome of this work... and for this reason, the DEEP DIVE should not be composed of eg. Consultant or tactical level personnel.

  • 1/2 day or Full Day review on site or online via your preferred video or conferencing platform, for up to 8 people on your team.

How does it work? 

  • We work with a Primary Contact from your organization who will coordinate the organization's participation in 70:20:10LIVE programs. As part of the DEEP DIVE review you will create your scope of work.


  • Help you understand why you're stuck and what you can do about it?

    The DEEP DIVE process will likely include an exploration of where you're at with 70:20:10 and workplace learning improvement efforts, your barriers to success and your roadblocks... all of which will need to be addressed in future projects.

"It was good to be challenged.  Definitely do the full day because it was only towards the end that we got the clarity that we didn't have at the beginning of the day.  Definitely a valuable day".

Julie Tickle


"The challenges that Heather put to us is what led to the opening of our thinking.

It's taken me to a place that I wasn't expecting, which is really powerful and will ultimately benefit our organization".

Viv Dale


"The best part of our Deep Dive Day was a reminder to go back to strategy.

Always to make sure you've got some sound metrics.

Always focus on the outcomes".


Sharon Mulligan