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Welcome to 70:20:10LIVE

The reality is, that with the rate of change and growing complexity of modern workplaces, employees need better ways to help resolve challenges and problems in the flow of work.

This is why we created 70:20:10LIVE™ - to provide a proven guided virtual enablement solution for your people performance functions to create and deliver strategic 70:20:10 projects with an innovative approach that ensures sustainable performance improvement throughout the organization:

  • At an individual level - 70:20:10LIVE™ participants develop their skills and knowledge for integrating 70:20:10 into their thinking and work deliverables
  • At a team level - individuals become more mindful of operating as a team using the principles and tools of 70:20:10 and modelling the behaviours
  • At the organizational level - individuals raise awareness, engagement and the use of 70:20:10 in the strategy, systems and workflows of HR and support the adoption in their teams and cultures.

70:20:10LIVE offers you 3 core 'tracks' of work focus that respond to most organization's needs

Bringing 70:20:10 to life, no matter what your chosen track or project work is, involves more than one person from your organization. You can't do it without executive buy-in, sponsor input and support, team member commitment and project coordination.  Added to this, the guidance, tools, resources and support you'll get from 70:20:10LIVE... and you'll be sure to get there sooner, better, faster.

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I know you'll have questions, so feel free to call us direct on Phone: +61 (03) 9895 0700 or [email protected] and we look forward to you and your team joining us and getting started with 70:20:10LIVE!

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About the 70:20:10 Framework

The 70:20:10 Framework is a learning and development reference model which captures the three types of learning - experiential (70), social (20) and formal (10) and explains their relationship to one another.  It's helpful because, for most organizations who are seeking to improve business results, 100% of their investment has been limited to purely formal learning approaches (ie. the 10) and the majority of learning has been unsupported and left to chance.

What's your WHY for Implementing 70:20:10?

We're all looking for leverage points... we're all looking to add value.  70:20:10 exposes a massive opportunity for the HR function to add immense value by providing better formal learning programs and solutions, as well as fuelling and enabling more effective informal learning and performance support.  All of which seeks to positively impact the ability of people to perform and deliver organizational success.