Performance Accelerator™ fast track your teams to Experiencify your programs and deliver impact - real time!

With Heather Rutherford

8-12 week (part-time) online 70:20:10 solution design and performance consulting "learn as you work" skill development program for internal HR/L&D/OD teams 

The Performance Accelerator™ program is an elite fast track program to help teams deliver 70:20:10 results quickly and get through the roadblocks and internal blockers that are preventing you achieving results with performance improvement initiatives. Our most successful clients use our proven program to deliver at the highest level.


Our Starter Kit has everything you need to know about how the 70:20:10 Performance Accelerator™​ program works and how it could work for you and your teams.


"Over the last 20 years, I've worked with thousands of learning and development and HR practitioners from around the world who have a couple of really big challenges. One of them is around the “stickiness” of training and really wanting to make training and learning work and deliver the impact and the outcomes that they need it to.  And another issue is where maybe HR business partners or learning practitioners are responding really quickly to performance problems with training solutions... without understanding the root causes, without understanding whether training is the right solution. So training's being built that's not working and maybe training isn't the answer. What we've developed is the Performance Accelerator. The Performance Accelerator is an 8-12 week learn as you work program, that skills and equips learning and HR professionals with performance analysis, performance consulting skills, and the skills to develop experiential and social learning solutions.  So you get two outcomes from the program. All the while creating and developing these solutions and doing this work on the job and in the context of their work. So that enables them to more effectively diagnose and solve problems with training, when training’s the answer. And secondly, when they develop the training solution, it's more of a 70:20:10 solution. It's more of a focus on the learning while doing - the “70”, and the learning through each other (the “20”), which we know is a more effective way to go than formal structured training alone. So if you'd like to learn more about the Performance Accelerator that's offered for internal, L&D and HR teams, please contact us. We can have a conversation about how Performance Accelerator can work for you".

Delivered online over 8-12 weeks 

A Play by Play Game Plan for shifting your team's thinking and behaviour around performance improvement >>> Online & Experiential

The great thing about our 70:20:10 Performance Accelerator™ program is that instead of crossing your fingers and hoping at the end of the course people will KNOW something, and may and or may not actually ever APPLY IT… here, the learning and more importantly, the DOING is built-in. 


A lot of people get really overwhelmed with 70:20:10 solution design projects.  They have questions no one can answer for them.  70:20:10 Performance Accelerator™ is your direct access to advice and support, real examples, evidence, ideas and innovation around 70:20:10 performance analysis and experiential solution design.  

Who's involved?

  • The 70:20:10 Performance Accelerator™ program provides a logical and proven system that enables HR/People Performance practitioners to expand their work focus beyond training approaches and develop critical modern and in demand L&D skills that deliver results where they're needed most.  

  • 8-12 week part-time, virtual experiential program for teams and functions delivered via our website and ZOOM conference platforms.

How does it work? 

  • Our easy to follow week-by-week practical self-paced modules and live video coaching calls enable your teams to build a solid foundation and knowledge base on how and what you need to do to bring 70:20:10 to life.  We explain key 70:20:10 and performance analysis concepts and important elements with simple language and illustrations using real case study examples shared by the people who actually did the work.  We explain the ‘why’ the ‘what’ and the ‘how to’ and give guidance and feedback to participants in a collaborative, communal and collegiate group setting.

"The resources and coaching offered were fabulous!  Great portal to capture all the information. Hot Seat interviews were invaluable. My biggest takeaway - it's about how to solve the root cause of business problems!".

Kellie Meares


"The work that I did and the information I gained was enormously informative and will be game changing for my team".




Jillian Atkinson


"I was a complete novice when I started the program... I now GET IT and am using the framework everyday. It was a fantastic program and I am fortunate to have been able to participate in the experience".

Tracey Chaffer