45 Minute Consultation

Consultations are 45-minutes via Zoom Conference or Skype calls where I can help you with your 70:20:10 strategy, initiatives and questions.

These are great for those who already have some ideas of where they want to go with their 70:20:10 projects - seeking clarification on any matters relating to 70:20:10.

 >>> NOTE:  If you're looking for an ongoing and longer term support solution, I run an elite coaching and mentoring group.  Please see more about this HERE >>> 

We'll have our calls over Zoom, Skype or phone at a predetermined time.

Please note: As you are paying for my time and expertise, I highly recommend having a list of key questions/issues prepared prior to the call to ensure you get the most from our time.  I will send you a pre-call survey to make the most use of the time.

About Heather

For the last 6 years, I’ve worked directly with hundreds of practitioners in organisations around the world who are at various stages of implementing the 70:20:10 framework. And I’ve been able to see what works, what doesn’t and how and where people get stuck.  

Normally... approaches to consulting would have an expert tell the client what to do.  Our unique Playbook approach is focussed on developing the capability of your HR function, enabling them to develop and implement 70:20:10 solutions and strategies themselves.  How we do this is through guidance, information, tools, strategic advice and mentoring.

The Playbook is designed to let you choose the level you want to play at, which can be anything from a high touch mentoring engagement right through to a low touch DIY generated solution.

Before the call, I’ll ask you to complete an online survey so you can share where you’re at, where you’ve been and your 70:20:10 challenges and goals for the call.  I’ll give you feedback on this goal so we agree on expectations for the call.

During the call we’ll review your goals and address whatever your priorities such as moving past roadblocks, overcoming challenges and barriers, achieving quick wins and deciding on the right next steps for you to achieving 70-20-10 success.

After the call, we’ll share a link to a recording of our call so that you can review it and share it with stakeholders if required… and depending on your specific requirements, we may provide you with access to resources from our 70:20:10 Playbook (free and fee-based).  Beyond that, if you wish, we may prepare a proposal outlining how we can further help you with ongoing coaching advice or a broader organizational solution.

Optional EXTRA Following the call 

You have the option of investing in a further DEEP DIVE process that will enable you to deeply explore your options before investing a lot of your organisation's time, money, people and resources into your perceived 70:20:10 projects. We will help you better scope out your options and gain important clarity on the purpose, direction and focus of the scope of your project/s. By doing the DEEP DIVE up front, you can literally save tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars in wasted effort.

Your organisation, like most, is in a state of disruption... and so when it comes to the learning and development and HR function you’ve got it harder - struggling with how to add value, how to enable a high-performance culture - knowing that training (as it was) isn’t the answer.

Sure, some practitioners are on their way and have taken great steps in this direction, but if you’re like most, you’re stuck… you’re not sure where to prioritise your efforts, you’re faced with roadblocks, pushback to change and really grappling with knowing what exactly your next step should be.

I can help you recognize your problem and define where you’re going
build credibility to help you influence and change behavior.

>>> Email us for further information on the DEEP DIVE