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  • Hire Heather for a Deep Dive Discovery

    In our DEEP DIVE sessions, we challenge senior project leads to deeply explore options and gain important clarity on the purpose, direction and focus of the scope of your 70:20:10 project/s, and what approaches will deliver the best results. By doing the DEEP DIVE up front you can literally save tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars in wasted effort.   
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  • Join the next Performance Accelerator

    When functions and teams participate in the self-paced Performance Accelerator program, they deliver unparalleled shifts in performance, at speed and all while on the job!  Every work based activity in this program is undertaken in the context of your people's work, meaning they'll by more engaged and solve your organization's key challenges with 70:20:10 solutions -- sooner. 
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  • Hire Heather as your 70:20:10 Team Coach

    High performing teams benefit from the boost to get them on track and working at speed in the direction of clear and measurable performance outcomes.  The 70:20:10 Team Coaching™ system is the most effective, efficient and targeted enablement solution that will ensure your teams deliver the impact and results you need from your 70:20:10 projects. 
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"You can't do it without being asked the hard questions... That's the big A-HA! And at that point you've got a choice. You can either keep going forward, or go back where you were - and I was never going to go back".

Christina Scott

National Manager, Capability Excellence


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